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Team training using the Applied Improv Method.

We all know how people dread team training sessions, whether they are in-house or at a retreat. And often the team training lessons are forgotten by the next day. That is why Training and Development Managers love Improv Alive and the techniques of improvisation to deliver lasting results.

Improv Alive’s business improv team training workshops are extremely FUN, very SCALEABLE, and are individually customized to your team’s particular needs. We provide a safe but exciting, totally OUT-OF-THE-BOX approach to building essential skills for your company.

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What can Improv-Alive do for you?

“My ratings have really shot up from good to great. Personally, I attribute it to Improv-Alive because it’s listening as an experience that I think is taking me to a different plane…The focused listening and listening with your whole body and being part of the environment, those are what my biggest takeaways are.”

Giant Swami, Corporate Trainer and Management Consultant

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