Unique Team Building Training with the Fundamentals of Team Collaboration

Team building is key to team success.

team building

Whether you are a sales pro, support personnel, software developer or a senior manager, the ability to effectively collaborate is the cornerstone of success in business both as an individual and as a member of a team. And great collaboration comes from team building exercises.

So what’s improv got to do with Team Building and Collaboration in Business?

Terrific question! What did the crew of the Apollo 11, the 1984 USA Olympic Basketball Team and the twelve disciples of Jesus all have in common? They all formed an unbreakable bond through an extraordinary common experience. The most admired companies today operate like a well oiled machine in part because each team member knows everybody else’s vision and goal because it’s their own. They share that vision and experience.

When a team of non-performers engage in improvisation as a team, they create one of these extraordinary experiences. Improvisation requires openness, authenticity, guts, and trust.  Also, it’s a little bit scary to put yourself out there amongst people you have only engaged with in a work setting up to that point.

This workshop is custom built to enhance team collaboration by fostering each individual’s ability to communicate more effectively. In this workshop, participants will explore a deeper level of communication through voice, body & movement-based improvisational activities designed to break habits that block their ability to individually and collectively communicate and create.

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Workshop Duration: 60 mins, 90 mins, 2-hours, ½-Day, 1-Day

Workshop Focus:

  • FUN!!
  • Full Body Listening (not just your ears)
  • Full Body Expression (not just your voice)
  • Elements of Team (being both leader and follower)
  • Group Focus (a broader awareness)
  • Swarm Intelligence (none of us is as smart as all of us)
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