Team Training Workshops for Businesses in the Greater Seattle Area

Great leaders are confident, flexible and agile. A high-performing team collaborates, communicates and innovates.

Improv Alive’s business workshops provide a unique approach to team-building, conflict management and strengthening leadership. We create custom-built workshops that blend professional workforce development and theatrical improvisation to help leaders and team-members embrace uncertainty, think on their feet and react in the moment with confidence and ease.

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Custom Improv Workshops for Business

We know that all businesses are unique, so Improv-Alive provides custom programs to pave the way to achieving your unique goals. We can create a workshop for your team that includes any of the topics below:

  • Fundamentals of team collaboration
  • Bold decision-making/silencing the inner critic
  • Supporting your team/group creation and innovation
  • Public speaking and professional presentation
  • Improvisational leadership
  • Sales mind
  • Customer service mind
  • Change management
  • Conflict management