The Improv Alive Story

Creativity Training Coach

Creativity Coach & Improv Alive Founder Julian Schrenzel

A message from the CEO

During the development years of Improv Alive, we devoted ourselves to researching and analyzing human behavior in the work environment. We came to the conclusion that at some point between toddler-hood and adolescence, many people become conditioned to hide their mistakes and apologize when they don’t perform the way they think they’re expected to. As a result, people often forget how to use the gifts they were endowed with at birth. The trick to bringing these innate abilities back to an individual or organization is to create a safe environment of mutual trust in which each individual can allow them self to rediscover their ability to collaborate, communicate and create, just as they did when they were young.

Take a look inside many of the most well-known companies in the world today. What is the quality of the RELATIONSHIPS between the managers and their employees? What about C-level folks and their managers? The Junior Accountant and the leading Salesperson? How about the SVP of IT and the entire Budget team? DO INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS MATTER?? Questions like these are the keystone of our story, and the answer to it is our highest mission.

We come to work every day because we are striving to solve the biggest problems facing teams.


  • that a team of people who are striving together to achieve organizational goals need EXTRAORDINARY INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS to fully succeed.
  • that extraordinary interpersonal relationships can only exist in an environment of TRUST.
  • that a team in which each member trusts all the others is available to SUSTAINABLE CREATIVITY.
  • that a sustainably creative team can turn goals into a reality which much more ease.

Our workshops are custom built for your team and bring powerful concepts and exercises from the world of organizational development to executives, managers and individual contributors in sales, finance, IT, customer service, software development, consulting, administration and support.

We work with local and regional Seattle area firms in High-Tech, Retail, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Consulting, Finance, Government and Education. We cause positive results that are measurable in the areas of team-building, communication, conflict management, leadership, public speaking, professional presentation and customer & client service.

Contact us today to see how our workshops and transform you and your team.

Julian Schrenzel
Chief Spontaneity Officer
Improv Alive