Activity-Based Training Solutions

Activity-Based Training Solutions for Learning and Development Professionals.

Integrating Improv Alive’s ACTIVITY-BASED TRAINING solutions into your organization’s training programs boosts individual and group comprehension, sharpens listening and communication skills, and provides an excellent team-building opportunity for your employees.

From creating an inclusive culture to leadership development to change and conflict management and employee engagement, Improv Alive provides training programs that are created unique to your organization’s needs. Our offerings can stand on their own, or integrate seamlessly into your existing training program.

Designed to develop your team’s foundational and strategic competencies, Improv Alive’s onsite training and development programs are brought to your teams where they are, and at your convenience, by expert facilitators who bring a depth of real-world business experience to the table.

If you are a talent development manager, trainer, instructional designer, performance consultant, frontline manager, or workplace learning professional, give Improv Alive a chance to show you how we can help you.