Conflict Resolution Training Turns Conflict Into Opportunity

Learning conflict resolution techniques

Conflict resolution in the organization

Conflict is a good thing. With conflict resolution skills, organizations can take the energy of differing viewpoints and focus it on solving problems.

Is your organization trying to do something really difficult?  Contrary to what your emotions may tell you in the moment, conflict is an integral part of any collaborative effort, and the more challenging the goal, the more important the role of conflict is. Armed with the right tools, your teams can tackle the critical conversations they need to in order to resolve conflict with ease & inspiration, and have a lot of fun doing it!

So what’s improv got to do with resolving conflict in business? Terrific question! 

Have you ever been in a meeting and felt like every word you said fell on deaf ears? The meeting ended with a sense that it’s their way or no way at all? When this happens on the improv stage, it is a disaster. To avoid this pitfall, improvers employ the “Yes, And” principle. “Yes, And” is a verb (not an exclamation followed by a conjunction). Put into practice on stage, it is the act of accepting what another person is saying, and then building on that idea in a constructive way. Yes And is the very keystone of improvisation, (and conflict resolution), and put into use in the workplace, dysfunctional teams can dramatically improve their collaborative and innovative powers.

Whether you’re a community volunteer organization or a fortune 500 company, CONFLICT is inevitable. Today’s most successful business and civic leaders are CHANGING how they DEFINE, and how they REACT to conflict.

In this workshop, your team is taught how to see conflict, or differing opinions as OPPORTUNITY, rather than obstacle. The exercises in this module gently stretch each individual’s ability to listen and engage positively and effectively in a tense or antagonistic environment.

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Workshop Focus:
  • FUN!!
  • Operating in the NOW (not the past or the future)
  • Moving Beyond Emotion (your own and others)
  • Moving Focus from Problem to Solution
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