Fostering Creativity and Innovation with Our Unique Training Workshops

Building creativity and innovation skills

Real business success comes from creativity and innovation.

There is no room for complacency when the competition is working on ways to turn your company into the modern-day version of the buggy whip manufacturer. Today, businesses have to be more collaborative, more creative and more innovative than ever before. Organizations that foster a culture in which each member strives to support and uplift every other member have a great advantage through creativity and innovation.

So what’s improv got to do with Creativity and Innovation in Business?

Terrific question!  The words creative and innovative are real buzz-words today. Everybody wants it, but few truly understand it’s nature. Creativity and Innovation are not a commodity that can be bought. They are not a skill, or a method, or a magical power that can be summoned at will. They are the result of a way of thinking and behaving. They are what happens when people engage each other in an open, honest and positive way.

When you watch a great improv team on stage, it seems that each individual is a creative genius, pulling funny idea after idea out of thin air.  The fact is, as awesome as any one person may be, the magic you are seeing is not the doing of any single performer. It is every member of the team completely devoted to making their teammate look good.

The focus of Supporting Your Team/Group Creation & Innovation, is creating effective teamsmenship. Through a custom tailored curriculum, participants learn the principle of “Yes-And”, (agreement and addition) and distributed leadership to achieve more as a team than can be accomplished as an individual.

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Workshop Duration: 60 mins, 90 mins, 2-hours, ½-Day, 1-Day

Workshop Focus:

  • FUN!!
  • Unconditional Support (all for one and one for all!)
  • Yes And.. (agreement & addition)
  • Simultaneous Leading & following
  • ACT first, Think later
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