Improv Alive Talks Improv and Active Listening on King 5 News’ New Day NW

Whether it’s an uncontrollable desire to be right, fear of failure, fear of not looking good or a lack of self-confidence, there are a lot of people talking these days, but it seems fewer people are taking the time to really listen to what’s being said. Engaging in active listening may take a little extra effort and the gumption to ‘step out’, but the skill of active listening is more important to learn and use than ever before. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing (and playing) with Margaret Larson on King 5 News morning talkshow, New Day NW about how improvisation (improv) can be used by individuals, families, teams, companies, communities and countries can use the fundamentals of theater improv to improv their personal and work lives, and foster meaningful relationships. Here’s the episode link:¬†

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