Improvisationally Speaking Episode 11 with JACK TUCKER of SPACEX

Jack Tucker on Improvisationally Speaking

Jack Tucker on Improvisationally Speaking

As many children do with their parents, Jack Tucker would peer into the night sky with his father and study the heavens. His father teaching him about the constellations and the boundless wonder that exists beyond the clouds. The thing is, this sense of wonder never left Jack, and as his friends and classmates were choosing their paths, Jack kept his head in the stars. Today, he is the manager of Master Scheduling with commercial space exploration company, SpaceX. As the keeper of the clock, his decisions effect the careers, and lives of important people in his company and throughout the entire industry. With these kind of stakes riding on his decisions and actions, you’d think the risk of an improvisational mindset and approach to his work would be entirely out of the question, but it’s absolutely not. Check out our latest Improvisationally Speaking Podcast Episode and learn how Jack Tucker uses improv to help make the most effective & efficient private space exploration company also one of the most safe.

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