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Team training using the Applied Improv Method

We all know how teams dread training sessions, whether they are on-site or at a retreat. And often the lessons are forgotten by the next day. That is why Improv Alive uses the techniques of improvisation to deliver lasting results. Improv Alive’s business improv workshops are extremely FUN, very SCALEABLE, and are individually customized to your team’s particular needs. We provide a safe but exciting, totally OUT-OF-THE-BOX approach to building essential skills for your company. Learn more about our most popular workshops:

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Improv for individuals: Break through your personal limitations.

Improv-Alive also provides improv classes for individuals looking to practice being in the moment, communicating with honesty, thinking on your feet and approaching life with confidence. Click here to learn more.  

What can Improv-Alive do for you?

“My ratings have really shot up from good to great. Personally, I attribute it to Improv-Alive because it’s listening as an experience that I think is taking me to a different plane…The focused listening and listening with your whole body and being part of the environment, those are what my biggest takeaways are.”

Giant Swami, Corporate Trainer and Management Consultant

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  • The Knot Game

    The only way out of the KNOT.. is to Improvise!

    June 14, 2016

    A great game for the tactile and kinesthetic group, The Knot is a great bonding exercise, and the only way to solve it is to work together, and to improvise.. The Knot: Everyone in a circle. All reach one arm into the middle of the circle (either arm), & take someone else’s hand. Then, everyone […]



    Learning Names, Breaking the Ice & the Importance of Agreement: THE YES GAME

    June 6, 2016

    Last week, we offered up an improvisation game called THE NAME GAME as a great improv ice-breaker and team focusing game.  This week, we offer the perfect companion game to get your team fully ready to stretch their minds.. THE YES GAME!  Add a little cinnamon to your team sugar and try these two together!  Here’s […]


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