A conflict management workshop with us blends conceptual and experiential learning that delivers a powerful, immersive experience to give your employees the tools they need to deal with difficult personalities and hard conversations. With all of our workshops, our goal is to offer you solutions in an effective and empowering way so that you’ll come away from your session with measurable results in employee satisfaction and workforce productivity.

How do we do this? Our Conflict Management workshops are custom built for your specific team’s needs in the areas of Active Listening, Taking Responsibility, Clear Communication, Attacking the Problem and ‘Yes-And’ Mindset. Guided by one our experienced facilitators, your team will engage in a series of collaborative based exercises and experiences designed to explore these aspects of conflict resolution, and make them relevant and accessible to regular people who may never have stepped on a stage in their lives. Each member of your team will come away with powerful tools they can use to focus the energy of differing viewpoints on solving problems with their co-workers, bosses, and customers.

Our conflict management workshops are perfect for teams of any size. We work with local and regional Seattle area consulting firms, credit unions and banks, public schools, universities, government agencies, leading technology, and companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, and Boeing. Regardless the size of the team, or role of the team members, we create a safe space for people to interact with and react to each other to make the workplace a place of collaboration and personal empowerment.

Client Testimonial

"Just wanted to say thank you again for an awesome training yesterday! The gang’s still talking about it (only good things) and I think everyone not only learned a lot but had a great time doing it! Thank you for all your planning and preparation and I’ll definitely be recommending you and this training to other workgroups."

-Sara , UW Transportation Services

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