14 In-the-Moment Ideas to make 2014 the Best Year:


 Here are 14 guiding principles to help keep you engaged, authentic and self-empowered as you gallop into the year of the HORSE:

        1. Make friends with FAILURE: The difference between the Master and the Beginner is that Master has failed more times than the Beginner has even tried. The moment that you can truly be absolutely cool with the possibility that you may fail at a given activity, you have learned the most valuable lesson. Then, the world is your oyster!

        2. Listen. No, REALLY Listen: Humans have five physical senses. Hearing is only one of them, but LISTENING requires at least two at a time.

        3. Play more: Side effects include increased cognitive function, lowered blood pressure, improved motor response, improved problem-solving skills and more FRIENDS.

        4. Ditch Perfectionism: Mistakes are an invaluable part of the human experience. Consider the invention of Penicillin, Potato Chips, Fireworks, and the Slinky.. All accidents! Boo-yah!!

        5. Refocus to the Present: It’s easy to let your mind drift or become distracted from the person or task that you’re with right now. Stop and gently refocus.

        6. Take 1 single ACTION Today: No matter how small, how easy, commit to one single ACT (not plan, not research, but an actual “DO”).

        7. Try saying “Yes”: At some point this coming year, you’re going to be in a position where you will reject someone’s idea for whatever reason. In that moment, ask yourself if there is an infinitesimal chance that you could be wrong, and if there is, try accepting the idea and notice what happens.

        8. Build-Up instead of Tare-Down: The next time you find yourself compelled to cynicism or negativity in a business meeting, (and we’ve ALL been there), go against your emotion and deliberately try accepting and building on the idea and see what happens.

        9. Try something NEW: Even if it’s just a different route to the coffee station. A tiny change can make ALL the difference.

        10. Complement a Stranger: Try throwing out the old adage “Don’t talk to strangers” as you ride up the escalator, or wait in the check-out line. Are you scared you’ll be seen as a “weirdo” if you speak up? Hog-wash! That’s just FEAR talkin’.

        11. Give Anonymously: Even if it’s just a nice note left on the table for your server; Doing something for someone without expectation or credit is an act of grace.
        12. A Moment of Gratefulness: Spend 10-SECONDS of the day today simply thinking of something you’re grateful for in your life.

        13. Don’t Worry, Think Rhino!: This one is courtesy of my wise father. Most of the things we humans worry about on a daily basis aren’t worth the amount of worry we put into them!  Whenever you start to worry, think of a Rhinoceros.. Really get mentally specific; the skin texture, the ear hair, the cracks in the horn.. REALLY focus in on it. Notice what soon starts to happen.

        14. SAY IT!: “I’m glad that you’re my friend”, “I Love You”, “Thank You”.. What a wonderful thing to hear from anybody, and it takes all of a second or so to do it.

Happy New Year from Improv-Alive!

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