improv-alive’s Chief Spontaneity Officer On Creativity

Creativity Training Coach

Creativity Coach & Improv-Alive Founder Julian Schrenzel

I believe that creativity comes as standard equipment in humans.  The trick to fostering creativity in an organization is to find a way to allow each person to discover that creativity within themselves.  This is a scary thing for almost everybody to do! We all seem to have this deep fear of failure.  “Screwing up” is almost always not an option.  The higher one’s position in an organization, the more pressure that person often feels to “perform well”.  So, along the way, we become conditioned to hide our mistakes and apologize when we don’t perform the way we think we’re expected to.  This is where many of us forget the gift we were given at birth.  Luckily, this is also where the magical fundamentals of improvisation step in to restore that understanding. If you want to make your muscles stronger what do you have to do?? exercise them.  If you want to be able to play the Moonlight Sonata on the piano, what must you do? Practice, make mistakes, Practice, make mistakes, and Practice some more. If you want to be more creative, be a better communicator in your place of work.. It’s no secret.. You must exercise and practice! Julian Schrenzel Chief Spontaneity Officer

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