The only way out of the KNOT.. is to Improvise!

A great game for the tactile and kinesthetic group, The Knot is a great bonding exercise, and the only way to solve it is to work together, and to improvise..

The Knot: Everyone in a circle. All reach one arm into the middle of the circle (either arm), & take someone else’s hand. Then, everyone reach their other hand in and take the hand of another (nobody should be holding both the hands of another). Without anybody letting go of another’s hand, the group must work together to un-tie the human knot.

Learning Names, Breaking the Ice & the Importance of Agreement: THE YES GAME

Last week, we offered up an improvisation game called THE NAME GAME as a great improv ice-breaker and team focusing game.  This week, we offer the perfect companion game to get your team fully ready to stretch their minds.. THE YES GAME!  Add a little cinnamon to your team sugar and try these two together!  Here’s how it works:


Everyone in a circle. Before Doug can leave his own spot, he must receive permission from Alice. Doug asks for permission by saying Alice’s name. Alice gives permission by saying ‘Yes’. Doug starts walking toward Alice. Alice then must receive permission from Brian before she can begin to move to take his place in the circle. The object is never to have Doug arrive at his destination before Alice has departed.

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Get your team THINKING like a team with ‘THE NAME GAME’

Your workforce is under pressure. Each employee is doing the job of two, and the responsibility feels like stress. You’re starting to notice a drop in morale, which goes hand in hand with a drop in workforce efficiency.  Getting your leaders and teams to engage in improv at work is one of the best ways to turn stress to joy and boost morale.  Here’s another terrific, easy-to-play game that breaks the ice, encourages a team-centric focus, and is more fun than a photobombing seal: The Name Game is a simple, fun and effective game to be played by 6-30 people.  Here’s THREE versions of it to try out:

The Name Game I, II & III: 

Breaking the ice, Focus & Concentration (6+ people)

I. Everyone in a circle. Doug says his own name and points to Alice, Alice says her name and points at Brian.. until everybody’s name has been said several times.

II. Doug points at Alice and says her name, etc.. (if the wrong name is said, the pointed tells their name and we move on).

III. Begins by starting a rhythm (group snapping their fingers). Doug says his own name and Alice’s name, Alice says her name and Brian’s name.., hence passing the focus around the group in rhythm.