Improvisationally Speaking the Podcast Episode 2 with guest Nicoletta Crisponi

Today we’re interviewing Gorilla Marketer, Blogger, Improvisor and World-Traveler: Nicoletta Crisponi who is currently in Nepal, on a one-year journey around the world. As a single woman in foreign lands, Nicoletta (Nicky) has to improvise every day. Nicky talks about how a prepared but open-to-anything mindset is just as important when traveling in a foreign country as when creating a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign or embarking upon a new career.

Improvisationally Speaking the Podcast Episode 1 with guest Chris Schembra

For our first episode, we’re talking about the role of improvisation in creating extraordinary life-work, the kind that changes the world for thousands of people. Our guest is Chris Schembra, founder of the 747 Club in New York City.