Learning Names, Breaking the Ice & the Importance of Agreement: THE YES GAME

Last week, we offered up an improvisation game called THE NAME GAME as a great improv ice-breaker and team focusing game.  This week, we offer the perfect companion game to get your team fully ready to stretch their minds.. THE YES GAME!  Add a little cinnamon to your team sugar and try these two together!  Here’s how it works:


Everyone in a circle. Before Doug can leave his own spot, he must receive permission from Alice. Doug asks for permission by saying Alice’s name. Alice gives permission by saying ‘Yes’. Doug starts walking toward Alice. Alice then must receive permission from Brian before she can begin to move to take his place in the circle. The object is never to have Doug arrive at his destination before Alice has departed.

Call or email me with any questions at all! ~Julian 206.437.9455/julian@improv-alive.com

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